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Central Pennsylvania's Premier Arcade

Hickory Falls' arcade is one of the largest family game rooms in Central Pennsylvania. We have a huge arcade room with over 30 video games, including ticket and prize games! Plus, four different Virtual Reality game experiences!

Game Cards are required for all arcade game play

Arcade games & Video games range from $0.75 to $6 Game Value per game.


See Pricing Information for our list of current games and prices.



4 player VR game

The Hologate virtual reality experience combines a high resolution and detailed world where you and three other players defend your positions against the robotic samurai.

The game allows four guests to play against one another or on the same team.

Play one game or UNLIMITED with an All-Day Play Pass


Want to learn more about Hologate? 
Click on my VR headset to play our spot!

Video Games

A variety of games without prize tickets

Play the latest video and arcade games - including Mario Kart, Jurassic Park, Space Invaders and more!

We also have classic games like air hockey. Video games are considered any game in our arcade that do not produce tickets.

Come one, come all, play one, play 'em all. See a list of all of our games and prices

Video Games

Ticket & Prize Games

Collect tickets on your Game Card

Rather than paper tickets, you will accumulate e-tickets on your Game Card that you can redeem at our prize counter.

Enjoy classic arcade, novelty redemption, prize crane and token games. Whether you're a child or a big kid at heart, you'll love the variety of games we have throughout our arcade room.

Don't forget to stop by our Prize Center on your way out. We know you are going to want all the prizes, but 
​choose wisely, those tickets were earned through some intense game-play.

The best value to play all day is with an All-Day Play Pass.

Ticket & Prize Games


Redeem your tickets for prizes

From classic novelties such as whoopie cushions to the really big prizes like a portable video game system, we have a vast selection of prizes for everyone! Don't worry, you can keep your e-tickets on your Game Card and save them until you collect enough for your favorite prize.


Games, prizes and prices subject to change without notice.

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